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A free and open-source presenter built on electron for anyone to use with ease.

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Create a show for a song, or a slideshow, or some information. Add slides and arrange them by groups. Create different layouts for the same slides. Preview slides and have full control over the output.



Change slide preivew to lyrics mode if it is preferred.

Lyrics View


A powerful editor. It is easy to make changes while presenting. Resize text, change font family or color, and much more. The posibilities are endless (almost)!



Connect using the computer IP + default port 5511 from any browser on the same network. Create and edit multiple stage views. Add current and next slide, or a countdown timer. Anyone on the same WiFi can connect from the browser and choose a view. You can add a password to a view.



Shine a light on your slides while presenting. Or draw a beautiful drawing, (TBA).



A calendar for all your events, select dates and create a show with info about upcomming events. Or schedule shows to play, or timers to start (TBA).



Create you own themes, tweak the colors and UI to the extreme.



Show images/videos easily. Add filters and link them to your shows.



Over 100 bible versions from



Connect using the computer IP + default port 5510 from any browser on the same network. Control your project from your phone, with an easy-to-navigate interface. You can even view lyrics from the active show.

Remote Lyrics

More features

  • Languages: FreeShow supports English, Norwegian & Slovak.
  • CMG Sans: Includes a beautiful font by Church Motion Graphics.
  • Drawer: All the tools you need in one place.
  • Projects: Project manager inside the application.
  • Countdowns: Add custom countdown timers.
  • Import: Clipboard, TXT, PDF, PowerPoint, ProPresenter, EasyWorship, VideoPsalm, OpenLP, OpenSong.
  • Export: Export to various formats (TXT, PDF, and more comming).
  • Backgrounds: Add backgrounds to your slides to make them stand out.
  • Overlays: Have as many overlays as you want on top of the main text.
  • Templates: Add templates to quickly change the style of shows.
  • Live: Mirror any screen or program on the computer to the output screen.
  • Player: Play YouTube & Vimeo videos directly in the program. More platforms may be added.
  • Audio: Play one or more audio tracks, and link them to your slides. (TBA)
  • Chords: Add chords to the text and transpose to different keys. (TBA)
  • Lock Output: Lock the output to know for sure that you can't accidentally change the output.
  • Transitions: Add custom transitions for all your shows.

Available on UbuntuCE

UbuntuCE is a a Linux-based free and open source operating system geared towards Christians.

And it comes preinstalled with many useful softwares and tools, including FreeShow.

It's free!

Yes you heard it right. It's free for everyone to use anywhere.
Why? Becuase all the "good" alternatives was way too expensive and some was hard and time consuming to use.
What are you waiting for? Download it and try it out!


Unfortunatly it's not free to create a program like this! It takes much time, so a small or big donation would help out a lot.

Here is a list of all of my current expenses:

  • Domain: $25 /yr
  • Windows code sigining: About $80 /yr (Not purchased yet)
  • Mac code sigining: $129 /yr (Not purchased yet)

Total is at least $230 every year

You can donate directly bank to bank: 3335 29 03928. Or via PayPal: