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Create repeated events, and easily create a slideshow from any selected events. You can also create timers and schedule shows to play at a certain time.

Creating an event

If you have an existing caledar with events you can import the events from an .ics file.

Add a new event from the "New event" button in the center, or edit an existing event in the right panel. You will get a popup with different options, including enabling "Repeat" if the event is repeated in a specific pattern.

Merging events to a show

If you hold down the mouse while dragging, or hold CTRL/CMD you can select multiple events. On the right panel you can see a short summary of all the added events. Here you can also "Include slides from show", if you select a show. Lastly click the "New show" button to create a show with the events added in an easy to read format, and it also has "go to next slide" timers.

Schedule shows

If you select "Schedule show" on the left side, you can add events to automatically start a selected show any time in the future, as long as FreeShow is opened. This will notify you about it starting a minute before it plays.


Make sure the "Timers" tab on the left in the drawer is selected. Any timer in any show in the current project will show up first. Here you can control and create new timers. They can be added to a stage display, or to any show with the timer item.

Editing timers

When creating or editing a timer you have some different options. You can choose "From start to end" which is e.g. from 5 minutes to 0. You can choose towards a time to count to a specific clock time. This will reset when the time passes 00:00 so it can't go more than 24 hours.

Lastly you can choose "Time until event" which will count towars the start time of a future event from the "Event" tab.

Enable "Overflow when reached end" to allow the time to go past the end time.