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There are different types of items you can add, depending on what you want to present.

After adding a new item, you can edit it's properties on the right side, by clicking on the tab left to "Item", and "Items" with the currently selected item name.

Here is a list of the items:


This is the most common, and it is for adding text to a slide, or just a general shape.


Create a list of different things that you can show as a list, or set a time so they can change automatically.


This is for adding images or videos to your slide.


This is for adding a timer to your slide, that can be controlled from Timers under the "Functions" tab in the drawer. You can also change the type to show a line or circle going from 100% filled to 0%.


Show the system time either analog or digital.


Add a dynamic item to your slide. For creating and changing variables see this.


Load a website or a local html file. You can navigate this in the output window.


This is for adding a "link" to another shows item, can be used for showing multiple versions of a song/scripture in the same show. Or to show a stage display. See more here.


Show a visualizer for playing audio. This will show some lines changing height depending on the frequency and volume of the playing audio. Might cause some lag.


This is for adding an SVG icon to your slide.