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Different views

There are different types of views for a show, the default and best for presenting is the "Grid view". They can be changed in the bottom center when a show is selected. Here is an explanation of the different show views:


Right click on the view button to quickly change to any view.

Grid view

This is the most common view. Here you can see all of the slides as they are outputted in a grid. Useful for presenting.

Simple view

This is a trimmed down version of the grid view. All the slide icons, labels, and also any disabled slides are hidden.

List view

All of the slides from the grid view are shows on the left in a list, and on the right you can quickly change the text of any textboxes on the slides. Useful for quick editing of typos.

Lyrics view

This is simular to the remote lyrics view, this is all of the text in a list without any formatting. Useful if you want to sing along while presenting.

Text edit

This works in a simular way to the "Quick lyrics" when creating a show, or it is the same if it is empty. It will automatically change slides in the current layout based on the content of the text after editing. It will update the content when the textarea loses focus (If you press esc, or click on another area). Useful for copying/pasting song lyrics, and for splitting/joining slides.