1. Remote
  2. Stage



Stage is used to display content exclusive to the people on stage.

Connect to stage

Open any browser and type the IP found in settings under "Connection", it should be similar to this: The IP is different for each device, and the port can be changed.


  • Make sure the IP and port is correct.
  • Make sure both the computer with FreeShow and the device you want the stage display on, are connected to the same network.
  • Check if the router port isolation settings allows local connections.


When you are in "Stage" view, you can edit the apperance of your stage displays. You can add multiple layouts in the left panel, and choose one of them when connecting. In the right panel you can click on any of the options to activate them, or change the style of any selected. And resize them in the middle.


Right click on a stage slide for the option to move all connected devices to that one.