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What are layouts

Layouts are used to create different layouts in the same show, using the same slides. For example if you have more bridges and a break sometimes, and a shorter version another time.

Creating a layout

To create a new layout, select a show and go to "Show" view. Then click on the colored "+" button at the bottom. You can click them to select them. By default there is one layout called "Standard". You can rename the layouts.


All the current groups are located at the right side of a show. One group can be a verse, and another for chorus. A group can have multiple slides. Click or drag a group from the right to the center to add it to your current layout. Changing the slide in one group, will change all of the same groups in your layouts at the same time. Groups can be changed from the context menu.


On the right side in "Show" view, you have many tools for the show and the layout.


Drag a image or video over any slide to add to the background layer. This can be outputted and removed independently of the other layers. The second layer is the main slide layer, this shows all of the items and text on the slide. You can also drag over audio and overlays over the slides.


In the show tab, if you drag and drop a media item from the drawer it will be set as a background to the current slide you are on. Meaning if you click on the slide both the background and the slide contents will show in the output. The background will stay on until it gets cleared or another background is shown.

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