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  2. Editing


Editing a show

To edit a show, go to the "Edit" view in the top, with a show active. Here you can select any slide, or add new on the left, change text and move/resize items in the center, and see more tools on the right side.

You can zoom in/out or enable chords in the bottom center. And if you hold CTRL/CMD and scroll up or down over the slides in the left panel you can have two or more slides in a line.


On the right side there are different tabs to edit the style of the slide or the contents, see under for more information:

1. Item content

Edit the style of the text or content inside all items, or the current selected items.

2. Item style

Edit the item style of all items, or the current selected items.

3. Items

Add new items, or change the order current items.

4. Slide

Change the background color, resolution or add notes to the current slide.

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