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Understanding projects

A project is a playlist with all the songs, videos, presentations and other elements for your meeting.


All of your projects are located in one place, inside the application, to make it quick and easy to organize and find your projects. You'll see the projects on the left side when in "Show" mode. And in the top you can see a "folder" icon, that when selected displays all of your folders and projects. To add a folder click "New folder" at the bottom of the projects area. You can also have folders inside folders.


I recommend creating a main folder for each event. Then have more folders inside with the current year, if there are multiple events of the same kind each year, to keep it organized.

Creating a project

Pressing the "New project" button next to the "New folder" button will create a new project. You can drag it into a folder if you want. Click to select it, or double click to select and open.