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All the current groups are located at the right side of a show. One group can be a verse, and another for chorus. A group can have multiple slides. Click or drag a group from the right to the center to add it to your current layout. Changing the slide in one group, will change all of the same groups in your layouts at the same time. Groups can be changed from the context menu.

Global groups

You can add global groups in the settings, when you edit a global group all of the slides with it will update with the new name/color. You can also access these in the right "Groups" menu of any show.

All global groups can also have a keyboard key linked to it, so say you set the letter "V" for "Verse", this means that every time you press "V" on your keyboard it will play the first verse in the selected show, or go to the next verse after the current outputted verse.

Group numbers

In the settings you can toggle a group numbers switch. When this is enabled all of the same groups will automatically get a number based on their position. E.g. "Verse 1" and "Verse 2" if they are different, or "Verse" and "Verse (1)" if they are the same.