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The drawer

The drawer is a simple way to access many of the essential tools without leaving the presentation view.

The drawer is located at the bottom of the application, it can be opened by clicking on any tab, or you can resize it by dragging on the line at the top of the drawer. In the drawer you get access to a lot of essential tools. When opened you have a navigation area at the left, a content area in the center, and a clock, info or more tools on the right side.

The drawer has a serach bar on the right to quickly find what you are looking for. Click the icon or press CTRL/CMD + F to start a search.


Hold CTRL/CMD while pressing any Arrow keys to navigate inside the drawer.

Press CTRL/CMD + D to toggle the drawer.

Here is a list of all the tabs you can find in the drawer:


This is where all your songs, events, presentations, and more are located. Click on them to open the preview, or double click to start the show.

On the left you can organize them into categories by dragging any show over the category. On the right side you get information about the current selected show.


Here you find all of the selected media from your computer. Click on them to open a preview of the file, or double click to show it in the output. They can also be dragged on slides.

On the left side you can add new folders from your device. Here you can also find all the media files marked as favourite, and play online videos.

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Here you can find audio files from your computer. Works the same as media, can also be dragged over slides. You can play multiple files at the same time. And change the volume at the right side.

There's also a "Microphones" tab, that should work mostly the same as other audio. Click any to unmute any of the incoming audio signals.

There is also a "Audio streams" tab where you can add a direct "http://" audio stream like e.g. a radio stream. You can find some good ones here: https://fmstream.org/ (Make sure it is marked as mp3)


Overlays are just like a normal slide, but it will show over the current slide output when clicked, and you can have multiple at the same time. These can be dragged over slides just like media backgrounds. You can also lock them in the output if you want them to stay there after "Clear all" is pressed.

Left side is the same as shows. On the right side there is a button to refresh example overlays, click this to get new overlays after an update if there are any.

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Templates are like a slide, with a set look that you can click to apply the same style to any show, and it will update with any changes in the future as long as the style matches the template. You can also apply the style to single slides by dragging them over the slides.

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Show bible verses easily, from API.Bible or any local scripture in XML format.

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Create repeated events, and easily create a slideshow from any selected events. You can also schedule shows to play at a certain time.

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Various functions including Actions, Timers, Variables & Triggers.

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