1. Remote
  2. Connecting


Connect remotely

Go to "Connection" in the settings. Make sure the server you want to use is enabled, and click on the button of the app you want to use, e.g. "RemoteShow", you will get a popup with an IP adress, that you can either manually type in any browser. Or scan the QR code.

The IP should be similar to this: It is different for each device, and the port can be changed by you, but it's not neccesary if the ports are not in use by another program.


  • Make sure the IP and port is correct.
  • Make sure both the computer with FreeShow and the device you want the stage display on, are connected to the same network.
  • Check that the network type on the computer is set to private (not public).
  • Make sure FreeShow is allowed through the computer firewall.
  • Check if the router port isolation settings allows local connections.