Easily find and show bible verses.

Local file or API

You can import bibles from a local file. In the popular format Zefania, or a few other formats. Or choose one or more bibles from API.Bible.

Create a show

Creating a show will allow you to customize the scripture as you want. Select a vers by clicking on it, select multiple verses by holding Ctrl/Cmd key, or the Shift key to select a range. Then change the values in the right drawer menu, and press "Create show".

On the fly

If you double click a verse, it will show in the output. Or you can type in the drawer serach, with auto complete. For example if you type "Gen", it will auto complete to "Genesis", then type 1:1-3, to select chapter 1, verse 1-3. You can even select more verses by adding "+", e.g. "Genesis 1:1-2+5". When you have selected the verses you can press Enter to show it in the output.