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Choose from over 200 bible versions from API.Bible, or import you own local file from Zefania or beblia.com in XLM format, or OpenSong format. In the center you can find all of the books, chapters and verses.

Start searching to quickly select any verse in the bible, it will auto complete the book name. Can be like this: "John 1:1-4", or like this: "Genesis 1:1-2+5", then press Enter to show in output.


You can select verses manually by holding CTRL/CMD while clicking on them. Double clicking any verse will show it in the output. Pressing Enter when verses are selected will output them directly. Holding CTRL/CMD and pressing Arrow left/right will move the selection to the next verses.

Create a collection

Select two or more of the scriptures in the left drawer panel, right click and press "New collection". Collections are found in the same panel. Selecting one will preview only the first one in the center, but selecting it you can see that it's showing multiple versions at the same time.

Create a show

On the right side you can see a preview of what the output will look like. Here you can tweak some settings, and change the template. Click "New show" to create a normal show from the scripture.

The "Max verses per slide" means the maximum amount of bible verses per slide before creating a new one. Say this is set to 3, and you select ten verses. Then you will get four slides, three with three verses and the last with one verse.