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Use mirrors to mirror a stage view or another show slide.

Mirrors are for showing another shows item on either the same slide index, or a selected index. This can be used for showing multiple versions of a song/scripture in the same show. Or to show a stage display. In most cases you don't need mirrors, they are just there for some special cases.

Stage display in output window

I reccomend just opening the remote link in a browser on the computer, but if you want to show it directly in the output window you can do so with the following guide to do it while presenting in another window:

  • Make sure you have created at least two outputs, call one of them "Stage".
  • Go to the "Stage" page, and select the "Slide" tab on the right and set it to the output that is not "Stage".
  • Create a show called e.g. "Stage output".
  • Create a slide, add a mirror item, toggle on "Enable stage", and select the correct stage slide.
  • Now when you have just the "Stage" output enabled, click on the slide.
  • After that you can enbale the main output, and disable the stage output, and it should work.
  • You might want to change the output window position.